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WestonArts funded three students in need to attend The Rhythms International Music Festival 2017 in Montreal, Canada- $3600

























Liz M.

K-12 Music Curriculum Instructional Leader and Theatre Arts Coordinator
Weston Public Schools

135 School Road

Weston, CT. 06883


Weston Arts

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Attn: Grant Proposal


Dear Claudia and Weston Arts members,


Our high school music department is planning a trip to Montreal with our advanced ensembles to participate in the Rhythms International Music Festival.  We plan to take the Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Singers.  The cost of the trip it $899 per student for a 4 day weekend that includes travel and lodging, a concert to be given by the Chamber Singers in Notre Dame Basilica, a tour of Montreal and the Biodome and participation in the festival as well as a few other tour events including a special dinner and ghost tour.


We have many enthusiastic and talented music students who are excited to participate in a music experience like this but we know that there are a few that may need financial assistance in order to make the trip.  I am hopeful that you might consider assisting our families in need of financial support with some scholarship money.  We would have an application process through the school so whatever your organization could provide could reach our students.  I am hopeful that we might be able to provide the equivalent of one full scholarship per ensemble for a total of $3,600.


I’d like to invite a member of WestonArts to attend our high school concerts on December 6th and 15th to facilitate a “pass the hat” for these scholarships.  Also, our middle school musical is the weekend of January 27-29 and our high school musical is March 23-26.


Thank you for your consideration and feel free to contact me with any questions.


Liz M.




WestonArts offering support to the WHS Art department with the purchase of a few new tables for the department.


WestonArts Grant 2016

Replacement Art Tables



Contact:                                 Sydney G.

                                                Weston High School

                                                115 School Road

                                                Weston, CT  06883


Project Name:                      Replacement Art Tables


Amount Requested:                        $ 31,327.00



Price Cost 4 tables room B9 WHS $1,613.95 EA/ - total $8,760.00

6 tables room B7 WHS $1,613.95 EA/ - $11,680.00

shipping for 10 tables $1,656.66 PRICE/ - $1,656.66 cost

total WHS - $22,096.66


10 tables WMS art room $912.95 EA/ - $8,190.00

shipping for 10 tables - $1,040.34 PRICE/ - $1,040.34 cost

total WMS $9,230.34 TOTAL COST


$31,327.00 - Grand Total


The art tables at WHS and WMS are up to 30 years old.  The chips and broken parts are becoming a safety issue.  Our equipment budget was discontinued 6 years ago so we have not had the funds to replace furniture and equipment over time, as was the custom prior to this cut.

This investment will help the students in many ways.  A more consistent working surface physically helps the students in the creation process but the psychological lift from a safe, efficient working environment is a powerful lift to their creative mentality.  Considering that furniture and equipment is regularly replaced throughout the district in other areas, it is demeaning to the art students to have to work on antiquated, broken furniture.  These replacements will show that the arts are important too.


**Please note, that although we need 4 less tables at the high school now, the total amount requested has not changed that much.This reflects how much the price per table increased in just a year.

It may be possible to negotiate shipping costs a bit but we can’t do this until right before ordering because the quote is short lived.

WHS Chamber Singers performing at The Rythms International Music Festival 2017 in Montreal - Awarded Superior Ranking