2022 Offutt III Scholarship Recipients
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Daniel E. Offutt III
Charitable Trust Annual Arts Scholarships 

 2022 Recipients 
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WestonArts, Inc. is a CT non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to connecting, supporting and celebrating the arts in our community.

Since its founding in 2005 as a local volunteer organization, WestonArts has been raising funds to promote and develop the arts in Weston.  Members devote their time and energy to support the growth of art in our community. 

What do we do? 
WestonArts provides funding for Weston scholarships, grants and donations to support the arts as well as sponsor awards and host workshops, exhibitions, and events to enrich the entire community.

WestonArts celebrates local artists from amateur to acclaimed...from painters to poets, musicians to dancers, directors to performers, photographers to fashion designers, and singers to sculptors. We support all the arts imaginable and yet to be imagined.

Our sincere thanks to our members, volunteers, talented local artists and sponsors whose meaningful contributions and efforts make WestonArts possible. 

Join us in supporting the arts in Weston … volunteer, join, give
March 8th 2020

American Classical Orchestra

comes to Connecticut!

Doris Fiotakis Theater Award - Audrey Mbwa-Mboma

Film & Videography Award - Stephen Theall

Sal LaRusso Music - Tejal Dhiman

Technical Theater - Henry Hayden

Visual Arts Award - Zephyr Parker