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   WA Accomplishments    

Weston High School

$300,000 - Seat Campaign in renovated auditorium

$30,000 - Wenger music storage systems for Music Department

$12,000 - New lighting board in auditorium

$12,000 - New sound system in auditorium

$4800 - Digital photography equipment and art supplies

$4250 - Bronze plaque in auditorium lobby

$3500 - WHS Company

$2500 - Five $500 scholarships awarded annually to graduating seniors who will continue their studies in the Arts

$1499 - Sewing Machine for Costume Room

$450 - Science Mural Project

$400 - Baroque Vocal Coaching Music Department

$350 - Piano Dolly

$1000 - Berklee Music Festival support

$1000 - Drafting table for Art department

$2000 - WHS Company poster framing

$4500 - WHS New Orleans Arts Festival support 

$1500 - WHS - Poetry Out Loud

Funded WHS Company Halo Awards Bus

Weston Middle School

$3300 - Conrad printing press

$5500 - Audio equipment and sequencing software for Music Lab

$6000 - Performances

$2500 - to Weston Education Foundation in support of WHS  TV Studio Initiative

$1400 - for The American Classical Orchestra's  "Classical Music for Kids" Program

$500 - Hot Club of Detroit Performance, Music for Youth

$220 - Instrument Repairs

$1500 - American Classical Orchestra, Peter and the Wolf

Town of Weston

$3.000 - Annual Daniel E. Offutt III WestonArts Aid Fund for Weston Youth

$2000 - Celebration of  "Young People's Dance Theatre," under the direction of Margaret Bisceglie

$1500 - to fund lighting for Weston Town Hall mural by Barbara Lawless

$479.52 -  Senior Center Art Easels

Arts-related grants to Town of Weston Social Services

The 2006 Community WestonArts Benefit Concert

A formal needs assessment of the 40 year old WHS auditorium from Theatre Consultants of Norwalk

Instrument Donations to Weston Schools, including a $12,000 piano for WHS

Award for Commitment to the Arts in Weston

Cocktails and Canvases Party at Town Hall

Red, White and Blues Concert at the Memorial Day Fair

Private lessons for students in need

Open Studio Tour for town and artist

Weston Fine Art Festival Weekend with live entertainment

Carole Eisner Sculpture Exhibit at Lachat Town Farm

Verses, a showcase of spoken words, music and art

Standing Room Only, student concert at Factory Underground

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