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WestonArts Inc. is a Connecticut nonprofit 501(C)(3) volunteer organization dedicated to supporting and fostering the arts in our community.

WA is here to CONNECT, SUPPORT, and CELEBRATE LOCAL ARTISTS from emerging to established ... from painters to poets, musicians to dancers, directors to performers, photographers to fashion designers, and singers to sculptors ... all the arts imaginable and yet to be imagined!

WA provides youth arts GRANTS, through Weston Social Services, to help make the arts accessible to those in need, and funds five arts education SCHOLARSHIPS for graduating WHS students.

WA hosts arts-related EVENTS which has included the Weston Fine Arts Festival, the Red White & Blues concert at the Memorial Day Fair, and Verses, our  showcase of spoken word, music, and art - and our upcoming WestonArts + Music Festival - SOLFEST - June 2024! 

And ... since its founding in 2005, WA has provided arts-related FUNDING throughout the community, including $300,000 for WHS auditorium seat renovation, $3,500 for audio sequencing software for the WMS Music Lab, $480 for easels for the Weston Senior Center, and much more ... check out the WA accomplishments page for more details!


WA relies on the generosity of donors, sponsors, and volunteers to fulfill its mission ... all donations welcome and appreciated! Check out the WA Annual Sponsorship Program page to learn about WA sponsorship benefits and to enroll. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


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