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WA FB WFAF'21 banner art 6.jpg
WA FB WFAF'21 banner art 6.jpg
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_WFAF'21 CFA abstract 4 large logo alt 5

Artists, Gordon Fine Art booth information:


Artists, WestonArts juried show submissions:

Apply to join Weston’s Fine Arts Festival weekend community event celebrating the arts.


All media is acceptable: painting, photography, sculpture, fine artisan crafts ... categories will be limited to ensure a well balanced show and a fair art market. 

WestonArts is thrilled to partner with Gordon Fine Arts to help bring this fine art festival and celebration of the arts to our community.  


WestonArts will proudly host a juried show to support our local artists. We and our highly regarded jurors, Miggs Burroughs, Lisa Michelle Stretton, and Agata Tria look forward to sharing this event with you.


This will be a full weekend of art, food, fun and live entertainment. Feel free to contact for additional information.

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About WestonArts

WestonArts Inc. is a Connecticut 501(c)(3) nonprofit, volunteer organization dedicated to supporting, connecting, and celebrating the arts in our community.


​Since its founding in 2005, WestonArts members have devoted their time and talents to raising funds and creating opportunities to promote and develop the arts to enrich the entire community of Weston.

What We Do...

* We host arts workshops, exhibits, and events, as well as provide a network to connect and support local artists. 


* We fund community-based arts scholarships and grants, and support Weston Social Services to help make the arts accessible.


* We sponsor awards to honor and recognize excellence and dedication to the arts. 


* We celebrate local artists from emerging to established ... from painters to poets, musicians to dancers, singers to sculptors, directors to performers, photographers to fashion designers ... all the arts imaginable, and yet to be imagined!

Our sincere thanks to our members, local artists, and sponsors whose meaningful contributions and efforts make WestonArts possible. 


Support the arts in Weston … volunteer, join, give!

WestonArts Highlights Local Artist
Ken Scaglia
Scaglia_Red Top.jpg
March 8th 2020

American Classical Orchestra

comes to Connecticut!

Daniel E. Offutt III
Charitable Trust Annual Arts Scholarships 2020

IMG_2140 (1).jpg
Listing of Weston Graduates
Working in the Arts...
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