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Sal LaRusso legacy fund  

At the end of the 2014 school year, beloved Weston High School Band and Jazz leader Sal LaRusso retired. During his long career at Weston, he has not only trained countless Weston students, his engaging personality and personal charisma has inspired and influenced both students and parents alike to engage more fully in our community through a love of music. In recognition of Sal LaRusso’s dedication to teaching generations of students, the Sal LaRusso Legacy Fund has been established to provide musical enrichment to all students in the Weston High School Bands. The Fund will bring professional musicians and composers together to further students’ knowledge and appreciation of music. 


WestonArts formed in June 2005 as a volunteer organization whose mission is to raise funds to promote and develop the arts in Weston currently offers over 100 members. Over the years, the Weston School District has been the recipient of numerous grants and donations from WestonArts.  WestonArts has raised funds for instrument storage units, sheet music storage units, community concerts, Weston Commission for the Arts, and several Weston School District teacher grants.  And in one of our proudest achievements raised $300,000 for the Weston High School Auditorium Seat Campaign. This was in support of the Weston High School Auditorium renovation project, which successfully concluded in April 2008 and resulted in a refurbished auditorium for the high school which opened in Fall 2009.


WestonArts also funded a new printing press for the Middle School which the Weston Forum reviewed, as well as a new sound system for the auditorium which was installed during the summer of 2010. We also  awarded $2500 to the Westport Youth Film Festival (WYFF) to help support 2011 WYFF programming and production expenses to help showcase students films from all over the world. 


In 2012, WestonArts provided the preliminary funding for a new lighting system for the High School auditorium. WestonArts also raised funds for scholarships, needs-based arts education grants for qualified Weston school children, equipment for the schools’ arts departments, and arts workshops for the enrichment of the entire Weston community.


WestonArts has formed an alliance with Acoustic Weston, modeled on a similar program which is finding great success in Wilton, CT.  This initiative, founded by Westonite Sue Broudy, pairs young musicians in the community with Acoustic Weston mentors to collaborate and concentrate on the intimacy and artistry of the acoustic music experience.  Going into its second year, participation in this program is free, and is available through an audition process.  It's open to high school students (grades 9-12 only) who are interested in auditioning may sign up by contacting Sue by phone at 203-856-9891 or by email at


Please donate and help us establish and continue this legacy of helping to provide support to Weston's talented youth through the Sal LaRusso Legacy Fund.



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